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Thank you for your interest in a Fightschool backer account, Please sign in first before upgrading or register and try out the free options first to see if you like it and want or need an upgrade.

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Backing Fightschool financially isn't the only way to help. If you contribute to Fightschool with quality content like books, transcriptions or translations, you will receive a life time contributor subscription with all the same options as a Fightschool Backer plus access to the contributor forum. You must of course hold the proper licenses of the material you're supplying. If the material you are supplying is a team effort this goes for each member of the team that did the core work.

Pay what you want

One of the prime directives of Fightschool is that the site, its content, and its features should be available to anyone on earth with global internet access.

Therefore, the content is freely accessible in exchange for banners. The banners only cover part of the cost, so to keep this site alive, thriving and evolving, I've opted for a subscription model in addition to the banners which gives access to premium features without blocking content.

Minimum wages vary wildly across the globe. For example, even within Europe there is as much as a 37 times wage difference between the Netherlands and Bosnia. In order for everyone to be able to access the special features no matter your income, no matter the country you are living in, I'm letting you decide how much you will pay for a subscription.

It's none of my business how much you earn nor what you can afford. I merely ask you that you balance your own personal situation with how you value Fightschool and its premium services.

Minimum and advisory price: the Big Mac index

In order to determine a fair subscription price while keeping in mind the prime directive of accessibility, I use a tool called the Big Mac Index. The price of the Big Mac is an indication of a countries economy. The idea is that a subscription to the premium services is worth at least the price of one Big Mac a month.

A minimum price is set to aid in the bare bones costs for maintaining this site. Bare bones costs include such things as hosting, server management, the domain, security certificates, payment handling, etc. As this site is based in Western Europe, accompanying costs are accounted for in Western European prices. In accordance with the prime directive of accessibility, I've set the monthly minimum price to € 1.13, the Big Mac index for the Ukraine at the time of writing.

In addition to the bare bones costs, there are additional costs to keep improving and evolving this site. This may be work that needs to be done or even fees to connect with paid services which will aid you during your visit on Fightschool and your journey within the Historical European Martial Arts. To support these additional costs, I've set the monthly advisory price of € 3.66, the Big Mac index for the Euro countries at the time of writing.

How much you pay above the minimum is up to you, as mentioned before please balance your personal situation with your valuation of Fightschool and its services.