Kriegsfreude: celebrating one month of

Published: , in Fightschool news
Today marks the one month anniversary of Fightschool and it is our honour to present to you the new Historical European Martial Arts comic “Kriegsfreude”.
This new cartoon pokes fun of all things martial arts. From funny training situations to bad masters, from martial fringe science to widely held false believes.

It is written and drawn by Jan Jaap Sandee, a Dutch artist and HEMA practitioner.

This is the first episode so over time it will improve and adapt. To do so we are very curious to learn aboutyour opinion and thoughts on Kriegsfreude.  Feel free to share your ideas and constructive criticism on the Fightschool forum.

We're aiming at one episode a month, although that might speed up depending on the feedback.

View Kriegsfreude here. We hope you enjoy it!