Fightschool subscription prizes at the HEFFAC event

Published: , in Fightschool news
Last weekend the HEFFAC 2015 event took place in Tilburg the Netherlands. 
HEFFAC is a cooperation of different clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium, who take turns in organising the event. This years edition was organised by De Zwaardkring who did a splendid job creating a fun and interesting event with about fifteen workshops, a nylon and feder tournament, cookie cutter group melee games, and a free sparring competition called weapon pass.
The event is aimed at students of the different groups in this part of Europe and as such it is non-profit with low admission fees so that as many people as possible can enter. A great initiative.

The atmosphere was great, cheerful and open. It was my first visit to this event and I loved it. So in consultation with the organisation we've offered to sponsor the HEFFAC with some small prices for the first and last places in each tournament. 
As announced during the award ceremony they will all get a backing subscription on for free for the duration of one year.

I believe there are a few people that got the first place in different competitions. They may invite a friend to use their second free subscription.

If you were in first or last place in any of the competitions you can register for free on fightschool, in fact that is free for everyone and anyone, so go ahead. Anyway, I'll upgrade the account of the prize winners when I have the list of the people that are entitled to one.