is two months old!

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So let's see how these two months went: 
Two months ago on August the 22nd went live. Since then it was had more than 1900 visitors, over six percent of the estimated HEMA practitioners worldwide, with more than 1200 unique visitors each month. 
Five historical books have been added to the library and dozens of HEMA events like tournaments, workshops and exhibitions. The news aggregator keeps working nicely, giving you a central place for all HEMA related news as well as news surrounding the subject.

The forum could use some...or to be honest...lots of activity. But I'm confident that its usage will grow along with the increase in users and content. Besides some interesting functionality is coming up within a few months that will make it much more interesting and handy to use, a feature you won't find anywhere else.

The userbase keeps growing, every week we welcome new users. Some people even decided to back the site financially by subscribing to a backing account. We're one shy of 90 users, so who will be number 90...or 100 for that matter? 
Let's make this interesting: The one hundredth Fightschool member will get a free backing subscription for a year! Yes, you heard that right, for free! Saving you a whopping 13 euro's ;)

The club pages are expanding slowly but surely, it offers a great way to promote your club for free as Fightschool visitors can see where clubs are in their vicinity and contact the club easily with phone call links and an easy to use contact form. To use the phone call links just click/press the link to call the number with your mobile or a program like skype. If your club isn't on there contact me and we'll get it there.

Earlier this month we've visited the non-profit HEFFAC 2015 event in the Netherlands and sponsored it with a  free membership for every number one and number last in each of the competitions, including team melee with a membership for each team member. Those that won or lost more than once can give their second subscription away to a friend. We are in the process of finalising the details and as soon as we get the full list from the organisation we'll email everyone entitled to the free backing-subscription. 

One of the biggest hits on the site is the Kriegsfreude comic which pokes fun of all things martial arts. The second episode is coming soon!

Technically we've made a lot of changes as well. Tons of small bugs were squashed, bumbs were even't out and several small features were added.

I hope all this doesn't come across as bragging, I'm just really happy with the site and how it is being received within such a short time. So enough about this, let's get to the fun part, new content:
Jörg Wilhalm Hutters kunst zu Augspurg from about 1523 has been added to the library. It's a wonderfully drawn manuscript where the fighters where all kinds of outrageous clothing, much in the “Landsknecht” fashion. But don't be fooled, there are tactical advantages to clothing like this.
Check it out and as always: have fun!

Feedback on the site and its content is always welcome, leave it in the forum ;)