Links is about the entire worldwide community of people involved in Historical European Martial Arts. Whether you practice HEMA, HMB or use it for self defense, you are welcome here.
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Below you will find a list of websites that help us by means of link exchange:

De Vechtschool (Dutch)

Based in the Netherlands De Vechtschool is the founding father of and uses HEMA to improve peoples defensability and personal effectiveness.

What can we do today?

Sane advice for troubled times. What can you do to help?
Read it on this excellent blog. which gives several daily easy to do tips which are bound to resonate with you. Help the people in your community, no matter their place of origin, life preferences or believes.

De Jacht (dutch)

This excellent Dutch hunting website gives a wide variety of useful information about hunting. It is primarily target at Dutch and Belgian hunters. If you want to learn about human behaviour and martial arts, educate yourself about hunting and animal behaviour. You will be amazed.

Miscellanious Dutch websites

JVS Outdoor