Klare onderrichtinge der voortreffelijcke worstel-konstClear teachings on the outstanding art of wrestling



Worstel-konst (Ringen/wrestling) is a seventeenth century Dutch treatise on civilian self-defense. It describes several scenarios of social violence and gives several solutions for them. These include wrestling and unarmed combat scenarios against a knife wielding opponent.

Copyright disclaimer

The scans used here are from the Wolters-Noordhoff edition. We are looking for the copyright holder, but so far no one knows who holds the copyright. Wolters-Noordhoff has stated that they do not hold the copyright and they do not know who does. Online searches and inquiries with experts on this treatise have not yielded any results. 

We've made the judgement call to show the scans here for the greater good of the community based on the following reasons:
  1. The original publisher does not hold the copyright and does not know who does;
  2. It is likely that the knowledge of who holds the copyright has gotten lost in its history creating the likely situation where there is no practical copyright holder;
  3. Other copies of this punlication have been circulating the internet for more than a decade in different transcriptions and translations.

Fightschool owns an original copy of this 1969 edition and has made these scans. We've placed the copyright license under 'reserved' to hamper the real copyright holder, if there is one, as little as possible. We are very interested in any information that will help us track down the original copyright holder, please contact us if you know anything.