Is HEMA dangerous?

No, not by itself. The practice of martial arts yields a lot less injuries than sports like soccer. You practice together with your training partners, not against them. And you and your training partners share the responsibility to not injure yourself and others.

If you decide to practice HEMA competitively the risk of injury increases due to the added stress. However remember that back in the day, when this was used on the battlefield, people wanted to go home to their families in one piece. If done correctly you can come away uninjured, even in self-defence.

Over the years the equipment for weaponized sparring has greatly improved. Weapons and armour are continuously improved upon to make them safer and more effective for training and sparring purposes. For questions and information on HEMA weapons and armour check out the 'HEMA equipment' forum

If you like to hurt people than HEMA is not for you, go away.