Bas de Groot, roadmap

The 'roadmap':

Below is a list of current ideas and upcoming new features.

What you are currently seeing is only part of the full picture. The site will be upgraded regularly with all kinds of awesome features for different kinds of users. The list is utterly random and offers no guarantees. Some may be small to develop, while others take a long time.

Which feature will be build first depends on popularity, effort required and feasability.


Company presentation pages: showcase your company;

Pricewatch: HEMA product display.

Second hand shop: sell your old gear.

User valuation: rate and review: content, articles, products etc.

User reputation: are you a valuable member of the community?

Peer reviewed articles.

Community research projects: advanced features for research projects run by Fightschool members.

Video blogs.

Author info for blogs.

Forum post attachments: link your post to specific Fightschool content.

Event iCal: import events into your calendar.

Content link to related pages on Wikipedia and Wiktenauer

List filters for: the library, organisations, members etc. Think of selections by location, language, style, author, scenario, speciality etc etc etc.


Do you have any questions or feature requests? Let me know!
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