Fightschool's revenue model is a non-commercial project of De Vechtschool in the Netherlands. 

Revenue for sustainability

There is no profit goal. However, similarly to any non-profit organization, the site does require support for basic functions such as, hosting costs, security costs, GoogleMaps fees, maintenance and development of the site, image development, additional content, etc.

These functions do need financial support in order for to be a living platform that continues to serve the community for many years to come. Any revenue generated by is solely geared toward sustainability of the website itself.

In order to develop a sustainable platform with the least amount of costs for the community, I've chosen a combination of three basic funding options:

  1. Advertisement: each page will contain an average of two advertisements depending on the size and cost of the page. Advertisement revenue is moderate at best in the current internet landscape. Therefore, the goal is for any advertising revenue to eventually pay for functions such as hosting and special services like the GoogleMaps API. Any advertisements will be placed on pages where they are non-obtrusive and can be ignored by the user, many of whom use add-blockers anyway;

  2. Backer accounts: The basic use of the site is free, as is normal registration. The backer account gives a user access to the data mining tool for in-depth research as well as more advanced search options and possibly other additional tools in the future.

    The reason for this is that these tools are advanced and much more expensive to develop, maintain and improve than other parts of the website, so these future costs should only be carried by those that actually use these advanced tools.

    Additionally, no user data is ever sold, nor otherwise disclosed without a court order by either the Dutch or German government.

    In the spirit of the not for profit business model, you as a Fightschool backers can decide for yourself how much you are willing to pay for these tools. On purchase, backing users may select the monthly price (with a small minimum) they are willing to pay. The hope is that this will help eliminate barriers between income and countries, while still providing advanced services to the HEMA community;

  3. Company services: Companies that directly serve the HEMA community, such as equipment manufacturers, can place a company portfolio on the site or, later this year, promote their products and prices in a Pricewatch feature. The goal is to generate more exposure and improve their business while keeping Fightschool sustainable for the future.

What about donations?

All websites must generate income for basic supports. For example, even a website like Wiktenauer, which I like and frequently visit, must hold an annual fundraiser to keep functioning. While I appreciate their approach, to me it feels like begging, and I'm a firm believer in rendering useful service for a fair price. 

So donating for Fightschool is not an option, feel free to show you have Fightschool's back by upgrading your account and gain access to the advanced features of the site.
As stated before, the goal of any revenue generated by is simply to pay the bills so that the website may serve the needs of the community for many years to come.

With kind regards,
Bas de Groot
Founder of De Vechtschool and Fightschool