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/ Junck ritter lere / Got lieb haben frawen Jo ere / So wechst dein ere / Vbe ritterschafft / vnd lere / kunst dye dich zyret / vnd In kriegen zu eren hofiret / Ringes guet fesser / Glefen sper swert | vnd messer / Mandleich bederben / vnd In anderñ henden verderben / Haw drein vnd hurrt dar / Rausch hin trif oder la farñ / Das yn die weyssen Hassen / dye mann sicht preysen / Dar auff dich fasse | Alle kunst haben leng vnd masse /
- Transcription by Dierk Hagedorn
Young knight learn to love god and respect women, thus your honour will rise. Practice chivalry and learn the art which adorns you and flatters you honourably in a fight. Hold yourself well with wrestling, suitably use the lance, spear, sword and knife that go to waste in other hands. Injure where you strike. Rush in and hit or let go. This way the wise will envy and praise you. Summarizing one can say that the whole art has length and proportion.
- Translation by Bas de Groot

With this foreword, written in the fourteenth century, Johannes Liechtenauer wrote down the essence of the European martial arts. These principles hold the key to the how, why, when and where of HEMAs usage: Physically, mentally, honourably and wisely in proportion to the situation at hand.

What we stand for:

Fightschool is dedicated to helping you become defensible by means of the Historical European Martial Arts so that you may joyfully and courageously protect yourself and the people that are important to you.

We do this by researching, practicing and teaching this wonderful and highly practical heritage. 

People all over the world are doing the same. With fightschool.eu we hope to combine these efforts by offering you a platform to come and work together in a harmonious way to delve further into our history so that we may all learn from our combined efforts and become better people while doing so.

Bas de Groot